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Who we support and how to make a referral

If you are wanting to make a referral to SA Support Services please contact us or simply  fill out the referral form. Acceptance of a client into SA Support Services is always subject to placement availability, and suitability to the service assessed via the information supplied and at the subsequent interview and transition case conference with all current stakeholders.

For service costs please contact the agency.

Meet Ryan*

Ryan is 20 years old. Although undiagonised, his intellectual ability has been hampered by fetal alcohol syndrome. The lack of a supportive, nurturing environment as a young child has also contributed to his learning and behavioral difficulties.
He has spent most of his teenage life in child welfare agencies and foster homes.
Ryan has also had several juvenile and adult custodial sentences.
His severe and complex behavioral problems differ greatly from a genetic, mental disability, but are no less profound.
Excessive drug and alcohol use has become the norm for Ryan and a life or crime, violence and unfulfilled potential lies ahead.
Unless Ryan gets help.

SA Support Services will give Ryan the 24/7 help he needs to grow, learn, have a rewarding life in a safe environment and eventually become a valued member of society.

 Be it through brain trauma, mental disability or because of an abusive, neglectful past, there are many Ryans'. Too many in fact. But we’re here to help them. 

*Ryan is a fictitious character, but accurately represents the type of young man SA Support Services is designed to help